Granularity XIV

Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2015 vs. Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2016

The Raf Sandior universe is a hermeneutic one. This one was all about the chain. Medieval monks and fetish princesses in chain mail, perforated coats and fence pattern knitwear. Joined as pairs, his and hers was an extreme confrontation of social classes and status to climax in romance when the princess realizes that the monk is a prince.

Image credits Style.com


Antisocial Discotek

LAZOSCHMIDL Spring/Summer 2016

An aesthetic exploration of teenage escapism. An introvert place for coming out and coming-out of age. A cocktail of sexotism and fear. Textures and colours misused as drugs.

Image credits Paul Mpagi Sepuya & Valter Törsleff


Candy, Partly Unwrapped

Maison Margiela Spring/Summer 2016

Advertisement scrap tops and scrunched jackets worn as skirts. Classic Margiela with a slit, suits with studs. Trousers were split in half, the front panel worn as apron. Everything was good.

Image credits Style.com



Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2016

Another renaming. A history of renamings. An archive of remaking. Raf Simons to Raf Sander to Raf Sandior to Rafgiela Sandior. Face veil masks in tablecloth. Dark brown flares and cropped knits. Retro without futurism. Tribute to disappeared heroes. Building his own country on countryside fashion.

Teenage boy growing up between sex, disco and farm houses. Chicken feathers and liquid ecstasy. Masturbation via strangulation. History repeats itself and his universe is, as we have learned, a hermeneutic one.

Image credits Nowfashion


(It Is) Rocket Science (It Is)

Prada Spring/Summer 2016

It has been discussed before but never occured to me so directly, he and she could be and are wearing the same. And as gender identities blurr, the idea of retro-futurism coagulated. All especially apparent in coat dresses and the colour blocked bunny knit resembling the Prada signature women's bandeau top.

Image credits Nowfashion