Confessions Without A Dancefloor

Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2017

Admittedly, I crave it all. Well, not the sportswear. But the suits, the open shirts, and the god-forbidden shopping bags. Raf replaced by Demna when he is not himself but playing Cristóbal.


Painted Cinema (2D)

1. Patrick Angus I Get Weak, 1991
2. Marlene Dumas 10 Inch, 1999

Just your regular Tuesday night entertainment.


Fashion Charts XXVII

or 'Something like a Fall/Winter 2017 menswear trend report'

1. Executive Surrealness

2. Warzone Clean-up Commando

3. Post-Gay Resurrection

4. Afterwork Aferlife

One word that sprung to my mind was 'Dystopia'. Yet, it was fearless. Of proportions, colours, patterns. It wasn't dystopian, it was utopian. It was sexy (while womenswear was hanging in drab brown executive un-realness check).


Pieter Klein / Calvin Mulier

1. Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2017 vs. Herb Ritts, 1993
2. Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2017 vs. British Vogue, 1998
3. Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2017 vs. Spring/Summer 2006
4. Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2017 vs. Fall/Winter 2005
5. Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2017 vs. Chris Von Wangenheim, 1975

Raf Sandior has handed over his legacy. But not without leaving a mark without it being a registered trademark. And indeed, it was WYSIWYD. What you see is what you desired. Calder walking sculpture retro-futurism with a side of leather daddy.


Age Of The P

1. Robert Mapplethorpe S.T. (Sexe), 1981
2. Tom Wesselmann Study For Embossed Penis (Seascape), 1978

Never forget where you are coming from. Abstraction over physicality. Beauty over censorship. Form follows function. Being human. Being alive. Being real. P to the S. Be who you want to P.