I Love You, Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe

There is no other artist I admire more. And miss so much.


Cheeky But / Butt Cheeks

1. LAZOSCHMIDL Fall/Winter 2016
2. Harley Weir Document Journal 2016
3. Hadar Pitchon Vagazine 2016
4. Unknown Source
5. Bruce Weber Michael Jackson, L'Uomo Vogue 2007
6. Steven Klein VMAN 2015

The back is back. Yet, it has never been away. Before the behind, what was hidden is now being revealed. Masculinism following feminism. Breast versus bottom. Apple versus pear.


Venus Versus Male

Philippe Vogelenzang Marwan Kenzari, Vogue Netherlands Man 2016

Something for the night. Feminist method acting. The penis has disappeared but is only hidden, tucked away for a future that is genderless. Or a gender that is future-less. But tonight, we'll keep the hopes up, pun intended.


Fashion Charts XXV

or 'Something like a Fall/Winter 2016 women's trend report'

1. Puffa Mafia

2. Wallflower Wallpaper

3. Schizo Bitch

4. Granny Style

5. Demi Denim

Although three is a trend, it is not always welcome. We have been confronted with the ugly, the horrible and the unflattering. Randomly put together, the irony of self-irony is the key accessory for the upcoming apocalyptic summer. We won’t survive anyway, so why should we be dressing up? #REALUGLY


Investment Shopping

1. Sterling Ruby Work Wear (exhibition poster), 2016
2. Sterling Ruby 103 Sweatshirt (#4653.0001), 2013
3. Sterling Ruby 306 Hooded Coat (#5862.0002), 2013
4. Sterling Ruby 306 Hooded Coat (Orta), 2014

"I think I would want to be an artist probably. But talking about an ultimate fear (...), I would not be scared to be an artist. I would be scared to be an artist after a career of twenty years in fashion." - Raf Simons, T Magazine

Work Wear: Garment And Textile Archive 2008 - 2016, March 11 - April 09 2016, Sprüth Magers London, UK