Bernhard Willhelm Fall/Winter 2015

Like a grown-up teenage daughter playing straight drag queen dress-up. Don't neglect that spandex. Don't hide behind your camouflage. And never put aside those gloves. In it to win it.

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A Short History Of The Comic Strip In Popular Culture XIX

1. Miu Miu Resort 2016 & Betty Boolean Lichtenstein Pastiche #17, 2011
2. Miu Miu Resort 2016 & Joyce Pensato Felix, 2004
3. Miu Miu Resort 2016 & Joshua Abelow Running Man, 2014
4. Miu Miu Resort 2016 & Fredric Whitney Ellsworth Batman, 1943-1949
5. Miu Miu Resort 2016 & Dave Gibbons WHAAT!, 2013
6. Miu Miu Resort 2016 & Mathieu Bernard-Martin The Man Sleeps, 2012
7. Miu Miu Resort 2016 & Dennis Loesch The Some Sunday Mornings, 2012
8. Miu Miu Resort 2016 & Ray Yoshida Untitled, 1969
9. Miu Miu Resort 2016 & John Wesley Dream Of Frogs, 1965
10. Miu Miu Resort 2016 & Becky Kolsrud Woman With Sewing Machine, 2014

Comic-al fashion. Comic-all fashion. Non-related but fun. Or, to quote on of the artworks, ‘the copyist has become a pop art star!’ Miu Miu is pop and pop art is Miu Miu. With a dirty smile and messy handbag. Smudged lipstick and sperm-stained patent coats. Comix are fun.


A Short History Of The Comic Strip In Popular Culture XVIII

1. Rivane Neuenschwander The Return Of Zé Carioca, 2004
2. Shigeo Fukuda 1970
3. Frank Stella De La Nada Vida A La Nada muerte, 1965
4. Michael Rey Noise, 2014
5. Ellsworth Kelly Black Curve, 2009
6. Imi Knoebel Betoni, 1990-1996

Minimalist, meaningful, empty comic strips. Without striptease but striptease of souls. Free for interpretation, contemplation, mental manipulation. Fill in the blank bubble. Rub yourself against the zigzag spikes of onomatopoetic sound. Comment below.

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The New Naïve

1. Alex Mullins Spring/Summer 2016
2. Fingers Crossed Spring/Summer 2016
3. Kit Neale Spring/Summer 2016

Two bunnies and one pig. From man to boy, a parallel universe of (naughty) childhood fantasies, happening parallelly between New York, London and Disneyland. It is, indeed, existing.


Call Me Brait

Brad Pitt Rolling Stone, 1994-1999

Long long before Brangelina and Caitlyn Jenner, there was Brait Pit. Long blonde hair and sequin dress, cigarettes, sex and latex gloves on the beach. We did and could have had it all.