Best of Raf Simons

I like to pay tribute to one of the best menswear designers out there: Raf Simons. Enjoy my selection of best-of-pieces from every Raf collection. A history in wearable progression. 12 years in artful perfection.

Spring/Summer 2008 | Fall/Winter 2007/2008

Spring/Summer 2007 | Fall/Winter 2006/2007

Spring/Summer 2006 | Fall/Winter 2005/2006

Spring/Summer 2005 | Fall/Winter 2004/2005

Spring/Summer 2004 | Fall/Winter 2003/2004

Spring/Summer 2003 | Fall/Winter 2002/2003

Spring/Summer 2002 | Fall/Winter 2001/2002

Spring/Summer 2001 | Fall/Winter 2000/2001

Spring/Summer 2000 | Fall/Winter 1999/2000

Spring/Summer 1999 | Fall/Winter 1998/1999

Spring/Summer 1998 | Fall/Winter 1997/1998

Spring/Summer 1997 | Fall/Winter 1996/1997

Spring/Summer 1996 | Fall/Winter 1995/1996



MR style said...

dont u think what prada did for this season looked like what raf simons done some years ago ?

Monsieur Design said...

raf simons's the best.
his latest collections are just stunning.

Sainsbury said...

This is brilliant- I love Raf so much. Good to see the old 05 cape and 04 necklaces, where did you get the images from?

Thanks for the comment btw I will add you to my blogroll!

Lynn & Horst said...

@mr style: yes, you are right, prada fw08 def reminds of raf simons in the late 90s

@sainsbury: the images, a long story, took me nearly one day cause the older ones were really hard to find, i had to use stills from runaway videos and go through a lot of material. thanks so much for your appreciation.