Waibel Collection

Pigs are the key elements of the brandnew debut collection of upcoming fashion star Willi Waibel, who presented his label today in an exeptional environment: the office corridor became the catwalk, or should I say pigwalk? Loved by the New York it-crowd for oh-so-fluttering plastic cuts, Waibel, the man who never shows his face in public, will soon become an icon of bloddy butchy womanswear and the darling of German Vogue. Willi Waibel’s muse brimmed over with enthusiasm: "Die neue willi-waibel-collection ist absolutly outstanding: irgendwie down-to-earth und doch aufreizend raffiniert. Ich bin begeistert!"


Anonymous said...

grüss gott herr horst!
i love this fashionstyle a lot.
but i have big desire: i am the group leader of the "albanian chicken foundation".
i hope and pray to our god "chickenmcnuggetwithbarbecuesauce" that the designer will also start to create some fashionparts with chickens on it.we would be really happy and would send him some fresh albanian yummie eggs to show our respect for his work.

Anonymous said...

Oh meine God - Cohrea you can't make so competition

Jan said...

ohne Handentasche keine competition! Der Handentasche muss leben!!!