A Tomato And An Apple

Hello, let me introduce to you: Rüdiger.
We met in a train, travelling along the Rhine. The landscape was so beautiful. The rocks, the vineyards, the picturesque buildings. I was always hoping to see Lorelei, the little mermaid of the Rhine.

But I only saw Rüdiger. Hours for hours. Eating his slimy tomato and starring like an idiot (sorry, Rüdiger, but I have to be honest). So, share with me my panoramic view:We thank you for travelling with Deutsche Bahn.

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muhsick said...


i am very sure that this handsome man is your sweet, little lorelei!

she just changed her dress completely so that no one could recognize her on her weekend trip to neuschwanstein.

that's the truth!

greetings from hellas,
vasilis sarikakis