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Shoes Bobbie Burns

These shoes are just too good to be true. Perfect style and a nice price. And, believe it or not, made in Italy. Can't be better. If I was a man... or had big feet... And if you are/have, buy them!


underneath said...

They look quite similar to my black ACNE boots from last season. Very late 1800 century like.. adoreable.

we could grow up together said...

killA boots, firece yet classy

Luwalira said...

Those are some very lovley boots, I've seen them before. I might even buy them later this year, they cost 1500kr here in Sweden.

Lynn & Horst said...

@underneath: Kmm Acne boots? I work(ed) at Acne so I should know, but I only remember these from Filippa which were really really similar. But Filippa was definitly first!
@we could grow up together: Nice description, I totally agree with you!
@Luwalira: Japp, 1500 det är det pris jag skrev i mitt inlägg också... schysst pris tycker jag! Jmf med t.ex. Filippas som kostar mer än dubbelt så mycket!