I just re-discoverd the 1983 Madonna classic Borderline and yes, it's a good song. I was at once set back into the good old times of ridiculous fashion disasters and cheesy artworks. Great!!!

"Keep on pushing me baby
Don't you know you drive me crazy
You just keep on pushing my love over the borderline"



we could grow up together said...

omg gawd. thats my fave madonna tune! u know they still play that a lot in new york, the radio, the stores, love.

keep pushing me keep pushing me...

MR style said...

just a wonderfull time ! all those so not fashionable people !! so funny ! i luv it !

underneath said...

I grew up with this - also listen to "Dress you up in my love".. Madonna is a genious.

Luwalira said...

Madonna rock, I love her 80s track. Lucky Star, Angle, Into Groove and Material girls are my favorite Madonna tracks.