Declaration of love

For those of you who have followed the fashion journey of Lynn & Horst so far, it's maybe nothing new that we like the 90s. And you may have recognized that we adore light washed jeans, a subtle and intelligent look with a little touch of eurotrash. And we love Scandinavian fashion for its clean shapes and sensibility for urban zeitgeist. So we recommend today: Carin Wester.

Carin Wester Spring/Summer 2008



Lea said...

freakin hot!!

MR style said...

it's just so brilliant ! i love the hair in a mess and the guy sandals ! really cute

http://www.muftic.se said...

Carin Wester, what hasn't already been said? Loving every single piece of the latest collections.

Anonymous said...

das oben links ist toll, toll, toll!