In Bath

"Mach' mich sauber!" - Referring to Lynn's philosophy of life, this time it's all about taking a bath, undressing for a shower, duping the body. So get yourself a towel...

Jake Dow-Smith (UK)Aurèle Hardouin (FR)Paco y Manolo (ES)Walter Pfeiffer (CH)Leonidas (GR)Sylwia Kowalczyk (PL)Diana Scheunemann (DE)Ok, enough nudity. I hope you enjoyed what we served. If you're longing for more or have a specific subject in mind, just ask and we'll give our best. All for your pleasure.


MR style said...

i just love the paco y manolo pic ! but there's one thing missin, the little yellow plastic duck !!

underneath said...

A warm bath is the best thing - and a classic motif for both painters and photographer`s.

Paul Pincus said...

Very cool post!


Sylwia Kowalczyk said...

I have a yellow shower curtain in my pic if that helps MR style :)

L&H - Great to be part of your blog's selection!
Sylwia Kowalczyk