Berlin Shopping Guide - z.B.

A remarkable label. The z.B. collection plays with exaggeration and oversizing. Shirts and hoodies are combined into new pieces of clothing. Voluminous collars and layered details are the key elements. Futuristic nylon materials and clear colors reign: black, white, green and purple.

Veteranenstr. 16
10119 Berlin

Also available at
Berliner Klamotten



muhsick said...

they have really some great stuff!

porcelain skull said...

hello and thanks, i love the pink on grey look, alex,x

MR style said...

interestin andi !! happy to see you're back !!

josiee said...

coool pic!

Lea said...

Oh Mr Style his name is Horst!

horst said...

friends just call me horst

Lynn said...

It looks just like a virgina!!

Fenke said...

oh, die finde ich ganz toll. leider gibt es keinen laden MEHR in köln, der ihre sachen hat.