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Neon is fine, skinny jeans too. And there's nothing that speaks against oversized shapes. But somehow it's a bit too much for my taste. I'm not 100% sure if that's the right direction. Especially for men. What do you think?

Cheap Monday Spring/Summer 2008



GRAYDON said...

yeah i think skin-tight jeans are mostly done - at least for me...it was fun while it lasted, though (but i wish i hadn't bought so many pairs...). let's go for high waisted baggy pants or just well tailored slim jeans/dress pants! no?

Lynn & Horst said...

baggy high waist for men is def the THING

Charlotte said...

Perhaps it would be perfect for men, if you style it a little bit more like Mike Jagger and combine it with short hair?

Robin said...

The models are actually my two best friends, karl-Johan and Adina=) Love the pics