Art Wear

Walter van Beirendonck in words: Antwerp, avantgardist, Royal Academy, fashion, action, profound, original, stylistic, ethnically, art wear, aggressive, graphism, flamboyant, colours, SIX, different, project, big, force, creativity, panache, modernity, explosive, virtuousity.

Walter van Beirendonck in pictures:


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Oscar said...

Why cant people see clothes as art.
Sometimes we love a shirt but cant tell why. Clothes that create a feeling inside is us is art. What is art? There is no lines or frames just for you to decide. So please fuck all big companys without soul. Walk yor own path and feel. Without feelings we aint humans(belive).If i would be i designer i rather have appreciation and respect then money. Thats what create creativity.

peeZ love n understanding from sweden

/the tiny O