Greek God

"Only feet away from the light Orpheus lost faith and turned around. He saw Eurydice, but only for a moment as her shade was whisked back down among the other dead souls. She was gone." - Ovid (Orpheus and Eurydice)

Ok, it's a bit cliché to start a feature about the Greek designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades with a quote of a classical Greek myth, but we love clichés! So let's have a look at our new fashion discovery. And never forget: don't turn around...

Spring/Summer 2006 | Fall/Winter 2006

Spring/Summer 2007 | Fall/Winter 2007

Collage Social Fall/Winter 2007 | Artwork



panagiotis said...

i know him from my last trip in athens! his ideas are really gorgeous!

Rave Dave said...

Hey Horst,

hätte mal eine Frage an dich, wäre nett wenn du deine email-Adresse hinterlassen würdest!

Grüße, David

Lynn & Horst said...

Dave, Dave?
Dave, ere whats the matter dave?
Mail us to lynnandhorst@gmx.net