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The Local Firm Fall/Winter 2008

Black Leather and Blue Jeans - a brilliant combination. In general blue and black match so well, I don't know why there's this urban myth telling it's a no-go. It's so subtle and intelligent, it's effortless and stands above.



Paul Pincus said...

Blue and Black don't work...maybe on the runway, but not in life.

It can look cheap...ginchy! : )

Tintin said...

I've to say that the women clothing looks better than the men's.

Lisa said...

Me and Zachary completely, 100% agree with you on this subject matter.
We Both sport the black and blue.

Lynn & Horst said...

lisa: how nice to hear that there's someone who understands me, hehe
it's such a lonely world when you just wear black and blue, hehe
you really build me up!