I Judge The Book By Its Cover

My personal Top 5 of the best cover artworks with half-naked men (so far).

5. Purple Fashion Magazine #8
4. Arena Homme + (Summer/Autumn 2007)

3. Fantastic Man No4
2. kink 02

1. Arena Homme + (Winter/Spring 2005/06)



Dennis said...

Okej, IKEA is good.. Swedish you know, haha...

Jag mår bra! :P

Take care,

MR style said...

the kink one is the sexier but i really prefer purple mag for their avant-garde visions

underneath said...

KINK! I love that publication!

SpiegelEule said...

ohh mein gott.wisst ihr was ihr mit dem post mit diesen bildern meinem oversexed and underfucked mind angetan habt *ggg*