The Jean//phillip collections go over the top, surprise and add freshness to the fashion circus. While the Fall/Winter 07 collection focused on 80s gym glam, the Spring/Summer 08 collection celebrated the virgin white. And now with the upcoming Fall/Winter collection Jean//phillip enters the dark side of gothic sado maso with a lot of laces and latex.

Fall/Winter 2007

Spring/Summer 2008

Fall/Winter 2008



sport said...

im afraid i cant do that. but be sure to check out the velour summer/spring collection, if you wanna look. haha! hugz.

sport said...

haha. it has lots of scratches in it and patches were my little siblings has torn it away, but yes, the pattern is fantastic. yeah, he has done some work for them. hows everything with you? ok if i link you?

viktor said...

some fantastic works!

and by the way, whats rss feed and how do i activate it? thanks

Anonymous said...

oh la la! this was really nice. the blonde model almost look like underbaraclara.


underbaraclara said...

wow, I can see the similarity. :) You have a nice blog!