Long Johns

Tim Hamilton Spring/Summer 2008

I want to attend an exclusive dinner in that outfit. Who'd like to escort me?


kathrynsky said...

Da bin ich dabei... darf ich auch in Schlafanzug und Jacket kommen?

Lynn & Horst said...

sehr gerne
das sieht bestimmt gut aus!

Dennis said...

Yeah, I'm starting to study german soon so I'll be better in a while... :)

Is everything fine with you?

Take care,

Goncho said...

thanks :$
I liked the cardigan that he's wearing :)

Phillip Noel said...

Haha I was gonna post this as "a good look". I wanna wear it too. I bought long johns a few months ago but haven't worn them yet. Sigh.

underneath said...

This really works - but I`m not sure it would work for me.It would be to clingy around my precious parts!