New York, New York

Horst and New York - a beautiful couple if you ask me, hehe. I had a wonderful time and finally I could transfer more photos. Just for you!

Top view from the Empire State Building

Times Square at night & Madison Ave Shopping

Giant kisses at Hershey's & Best styles at OAK

Williamsburg, near Beacon's Closet

Horst in China Town & Rainbows at New Museum

Jürgen Teller exhibition with the right equipment

Nathan's sausages at Coney Island



we could grow up together said...

now sing with me horst, 'other city always make me mad, other places always make me sad, no other city ever made me glad except new york!, love new york!"

On Track said...

They are gorgeous photos, for someone who has never been to NY and lives all the way over in Australia, this makes me very anxious to travel there :) I love the last photo, the colours are beautiful

Jens said...

New York is so nice! I wish I could visit it someday :)

Dustcakeboy said...

I have an intolerable urge to go back...*sigh*

Glad you enjoyed it.


modedorf said...

leaving new york, never easy...
i think beacons closet is not so special but williamsburg is def a nice place to go.