HorSTYLE Lesson No10

The gladiator theme is so worn out. Everyone talked about it. It's more than yesterday. It's the day before yesterday! And that's why Horst needs to milk it as intense as possible...

Picture Modedorf

Women wear those frequently discussed gladiator sandals preferably with socks! Combine it with a minimalistic dress and a short jacket with references to a suit of armour.

Sandals Carin Wester
Dress Surface to Air
Jacket Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Necklace Bless Cable Jewellery
Socks American Apparel
False Eyelashes Eyemimo

Guys pull it off with shorts and a long nylon parka. Those of us who are keen and tough enough also wear a cropped top and an oversized back pack filled with various weapons!

Sandals Carin Wester
Shorts Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Cropped Tee Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Jacket Cheap Monday
Back Pack Raf by Raf Simons

Let the games begin!


WendyB said...

I love gladiators!

modedorf said...

ich bin entzückt.

Lea. said...

bleibt nur abzuwarten ob der trend sich auch bei den männern durchsetzt...

Lynn said...

Wie? Der Gladiatorentrend auch bei Männer? Na, der ist hier quasi schon wieder fast vorbei... in Schweden also. Nach Deutschland kommt er dann in 2 Jahren.

Jessie said...

horst, i want you as my teacher.

Lynn & Horst said...

jessie, it would be an honour to be your teacher...