Tag Action

Styleshaking Jessie tagged us today. And we have no other choice than following the rules...

These rules are:
1. Link the person that tagged you.
2. Tell the rules.
3. Tell six unimportant obsessions of you.
4. Link to six people.
5. Comment on their blog that they have been tagged.

And now: 3 + 3 uninmportant obsessions of Lynn & Horst.

1. Wearing 80s Trash red lips and nails.
2. Grabbing other peoples asses.
3. Listening to Eurodance and translating the lyrics into German while singing.

4. Posting sexualized content with preferably half-naked people.
5. Photographing people behind their back.
6. Playing the L&H Google Game.

To support and celebrate Austrian/Swiss/German blog culture, we tag:
1. Glam Canyon
2. Playlust
3. Styleclicker
4. Style en Couleur
5. tschilp
6. now

And to break the rules and to express our special admiration for Claude van Damn and jamade we tag:
7. Modedorf
8. JaundKo



maja said...

go to paris, hunt him down! he's somewhere close to the louvre! although i think he prefers the gals.

maja said...

and be sure to check out this video. my voice, and the cute guy reading paper. http://youtube.com/watch?v=4jNAjKQMKTc

Kat Walks said...

oh ho delightful. i love me a tag, even though i'm not exactly sure what it means. will i suffer from 7 years of bad luck/sex (which is worse?) if i break with the tradition and don't tag anyone on my blog??

modedorf said...


modedorf said...

i grab other asses too. it's an automatism.

The Nine said...

Pretty sweet blog! keep up the good work!