We Were Teenagers In The 90s

Laitinen Fall/Winter 2008

"Of course when we were teenagers in the 90s, it didn't really matter that much anymore where you lived in the western world, because we watched Alternative Nation and Pulse with Swatch on MTV and bought our Face and I-D magazines from the village news stand. We were probably the only ones buying them though. Surely it would've been easier for kids like us to live in London or even Helsinki, but when looking back now, the distance had it its own perks. We were able to keep our own world a little longer." - Tuomas Laitinen (Interview with Diane Pernet)


mahret said...

so true. mit dem unterschied, dass es in meinem dorf THE FACE nicht am zeitungsstand gab. irgendwann gabe es dann plötzlich auch kein englisches mtv mehr und ich war vielleicht die einzige, die das störte. naja zum glück gab es den zeitungsladen am frankfurter hauptbahnhof und regelmäßige trips nach london (so dass der THE FACE bedarf halbwegs gedeckt werden konnt...). i somehow miss it!

ohfuckmeimfamous said...

i wasnt born in the 90S
xo xo

we could grow up together said...

im marrying the boy in the first picture

Dino said...

"i wasnt born in the 90s xoxo" PFFFFFFFFFF... plz nigga. anyway, hot shit, love the jacket/shirt-combo. This blog is better than i thought lol.

Anonymous said...

You must update the look of your blog. The color scheme feels like it's five years old..

Isabelle said...

wow, that dress is gorgeous! reminds me of diana orving. which is better than good :D