9 Looks

Spring/Summer 2009 so far. Horst likes:

Light Washed Denim Calvin Klein

Sheer Shirts Costume National

Embarrassing Swimwear Alexander McQueen

Oversized Layering Prada

Short Jackets Prada

Bodybuilder Pants Vivienne Westwood

Belly & Gradients Prada

Shiny Shorts Nerd Dolce & Gabbana

Grandad Knitwear Missoni

I am so looking forward to STHLM Fashion Week.
Swedish sausages to come soon...


yave said...

OMG! i'm pretty sure we are so not ready to wear that type of swimwear...

numerocuatro said...

i agree with you on prada...
by far, the best collection.
i loved the idea of layering for summer.

Isabelle said...

o i love the costume national outfit, and the one from prada!

by the way i hate people who claims that the female body is more beautiful than the male, just because it has curves and all. it's such BULLSHIT. i sometimes wish i was a man.

Eddney Todd said...

the first three sausages are just perfect!

julia said...

H - O - T.