Loving and/or riding statues in public is super hip! I once proved it and recently found some followers.

Jason Nocito

Fashion Squad

And the story continues...

Horst riding the bear in NY...

Horst doing a psycho girl in Brühl...

And finally Horst defeating a pliosaurus in Stockholm and flirting with a dwarf woman in Cologne.

Which animal memorial did you take? Send me your pictures for an adamant photo story! I count on you (especially on you, jamade)!!!


Kira Fashion said...

that s so fun!
i have a pic with a statue, it´s cool :)

i love your blog, let´s exchange links?

see you,

numerocuatro said...

i've always loved
jason nocito's work.

Lisa F said...

I'm sorry, I didn't get your comment on my blog. I'm a girl, see, and those are MY legs.

Lisa F said...

haha, okey! well, to answer your question then, he is very beautiful and can be seen on many pictures in my posts :)