Unforgivable Errors

STHLM Fashion Week is always guarantor for the best scandinavian fashion design. But this year, everything was different. There was good stuff, indeed, but there was also crap! Here's the best of the worst:

Enormous crocodile leather shoes Acne

Amazon with fat thighs Agunandagirl

Lingerie suspenders Carin Wester

Attempt of a dirndl Minimarket

Ladybird knit Minimarket

Oversized praline Evelina Bratell

Seen a million times before Tiger of Sweden

Conclusion: Please don't confuse fashion with carneval.


katja said...

i agree with you but, fat thighs???

tomahawk said...

scandinavian design:
sometimes nice, sometimes rip offs

M.H. said...

I have heard from you in a while Horst, where have you been all my life? I don't think Scandinavian Design are sometimes rip-offs but in one way, they get caught out with trying the rationalise what is already simple and make it more elementary but adding features that has already done before. I'm about to finish my article summary on Stockholm Week but I won't be writing the other collections. Carin's collection was particularly disappointing given that her A/W one was very good.

All things considered, it was a step up for Hope, Whyred and Acne. I'm still not won over Filippa's as like how many stores she owns now - does that sacrifice vision and quality on clothes? I hope not.

chris said...

well don't know if we can talk about scandinavian design here. these are all mass market brands or sadly young designers (carin etc) wishing to become mass market brands, far from high fashion. acne is a good concept and the clothes are nice enough, but nothing to rave about. like a scandinavian apc...their magazine's is fantastic though...the real talent is abroad: paolo melim andersson, lars nilsson, peter jensen, siv stoldal, henrik vibskov ( well he does a show in copenhagen as well)...this should be called the stockholm jeans week and filippa k, come on! it's like banana republic with better campaigns

Honeymoon said...

U r a fashion addict ! If u want, I invite u to come to see some of the most beautiful heels, dresses and bags of the Paris fashion week !

See u !

M.H. said...

Yeah definitely but putting things into perspective, Acne cannot be compared to or be as on par with Jean Touitou. A.P.C. hasn't never stood to be a puppet show nor has the company ever held a runway show or with campaigns. What Jean has done, the label stands on its own without anyone else needing to join.

M.H. said...

I also forgot something too. I don't think people should get too cosy with Acne. I know there is now a massive following with everything to do with Acne but over the past two seasons, it much more seems they are biting more than they can chew. It does not come quite clear to me whether they are seriously (or how seriously they are) to be a fully fledged label or something as a by-product of the company? It's not something they first did but should really define what they want to offer to people. Opening Ceremony has.

Acne Paper is fantastic though.

chris said...

well agree with you m.h, but apc still has campaigns and used to show during paris fashion week, well that was years ago when i was young...