L&H Anniversary

"I wish I could kill

you, I am sure I

would like it"

After 1 year and over 500 posts, I finally made it: I received my first death threat. That's the affirmation to continue this blog. Thank you Anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Killing pigeons SUCKS.
Killing someone with a blog this beautiful too.
STOP hurting inocent animals, or making fun of it.
it is NO fun.

kuli said...

i wish i could kiss you - im sure i would love it.

Fenke said...

yes, horst, killing pigeons sucks. *erhobener zeigefinger*
but you know what sucks even more? people who cannot distinguish between a (grown-up) duck and a fallen-out-of-the-nest baby bird, but fight for animal rights. oh and calling it 'tasteless'? hellooooo, is this your first visit here?

MR style said...

i'll kill that guy if he tries to hurt you

mcgregor said...

hey, but it kind of sounds sexy, like he wants to kill you in a sexy way. maybe you'd like it.

Lynn and Horst said...

@fenke you hit the nail on the head. it's obvious that it's not the same bird. and of course i would never harm any being. i might be tasteless but i am not cruel.

and just for the record: i am horst, it's my destination and nature to show the tacky. this blog is for those who even appreciate the ugly and can find beauty in it.

@mr style i know i can always count on you. thanks.

@mcgregor you're one good example for those privileged people who are able to question beauty and aesthetics. following an artistic freedom that might hurt sometimes. but no risk, no fun. without bad taste no style, right?

ps: the line "i killed the pigeon and i liked it" is even more complex as it refers to the katy perry smash hit which i can't get out of my head. see, it's all the music business' fault.

Dustcakeboy said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!


Modelizer said...

Very funny stuff. People make the internetz into such srs biznes.

I'm surprised I haven't received anything deliciously evil yet, but my 1 year is just around the corner, so you never know! There's still time. haha

Congrats on the anniversary!

Michael said...

i, on the other hand, would like to buy you a beer some time, cause you made a lot of my days.

*littering the place with confetti*

we could grow up together said...

this is your BEST POST EVER!

minimalist said...

CONGRATS! keep going! i love your blog.

mamamia! said...

HAHAAH .. i like what FENKE says his the smartest .. by the way i love you blog i look at it whenever i get the chance so now i can post some comments its lovely love your taste in most things thanks xx