Tokyo 12

Japan Fashion Week in a nutshell. The best and the ugliest, the provocative and the boring. Brought to you by adorable Horst, haha. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

Skeleton hat meets Jamaica bag mintdesigns

Playground love mercibeaucoup

Borrowed from your mama Akira Naka

Ameno Amena Ameno Hisui

Insane toyboy Né-net

Prince or Princess Kamishima Chinami

Electric feel ato

New agenda Li Lang

Bernhard Willhelm Pt.II? Izreel

I am speechless writtenafterwards

Boy in shorts Heath

Automatic G.V.G.V.



Monsieur Design said...

"Writtenafterwards" is hilarious!! "Akira Naka" is certainly the best.

cc said...

hisui was the only one i found tolerable. the rest were just ugh...so imitative and boring. what did you think?

MR style said...

the one from writtenafterwards looked like shit !
that one was too lame

ILook said...

great stuff!