Up & Down

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2008

Is he totally overrated or just a genius? My admiration goes up and down. And up and down. Maybe because I've listened to Vengaboys too much these days. Anyway, what Marc did for fall is up!


underneath said...

So sexy those longstockings - and the raw edge cardigan. Great hues to.

Easylowdown said...

Oh god the leggings. I want. The leggings.

Jenny Cindy said...

I really like this, better than the woman's collection actually. I wish I knew men who dressed that sharp.

Cultures in Between said...

It's quite a modern collecton. The tights are good concepts but probably not practical. But it's lovely though seeing how there are some medieval references like knights and squires wearing tights, tunics and soft jerseys and long sleeves shirts. Maybe the green tights can be green corduroy?