A Discourse: The 90s Woman Pt.IV

Advertisment Valentino 1995
Photographer Herb Ritts
Magazine American Elle, Italian Vogue

The 90s woman enjoys life. May it be an expensive designer dress or a nice little three-way. Yes it's decadent. But why should she neglect an opportunity?


tom+ said...


zhori said...

oh wow it's the heaven of asses!

Anonymous said...

I love it all babyHorst!
+ two guys&one girl, ultimate fantasy!


underneath said...

A very interesting review on the female character in fashion of the 90`s. It was a time when women were exposed as utmost womanly and sexy, like Cindy Crawford - but also a time where the same models put a standard for their heigh payments and huge carers! I very much prefer the sex in between, the androgyny in fashion photography. And find that many of the topmodels of the nineties had that in them - like Kirsten McMenamy and Kirsten Owen (my favourite of all time) - or say Cole Mohr of today. Your blog is more interesting than ever... I put you on my bloglist. (I have no answer to why I did not do that before).

ILook said...

great set