A Discourse: The 90s Woman Pt.V

Spon Diogo Spring/Summer 2009

The 90s, an ambiguous decade. There is colour, exaggeration and glam. But there is also sophistication, minimalism and an obsession for pure black shape. Peter Lindbergh and Helmut Newton created images of an independet, androgynous and sexual powerful woman. Wearing severe smoking jackets, a small black dress or a leotard with high heels. The contemporary woman who adores this iconic aproach to female identity wears Spon Diogo.


mahret said...

I am a 90s woman!

Lea said...

Very Acne.

Simon said...

It´s not Acne.. it´s SPON DIOGO!!!

zhori said...

it's baywatch all over again!!

Anonymous said...

I think at this time, it was very subversive. And womenswear was very much sharp one pieces and of course denim was so big. I think tailoring was also big with Ralph Lauren


Lynn and Horst said...

i definitely need the rick astley denim outfit