Bonjour Tristesse II

Wolfsburg, Germany

Maybe these images which I have to face every day (except for the weekends fortunately) can top Horst's prior tristesse post. This is reality. You can't escape, the pictures will be drilled into your head like a malignant cancer. To put it in a nutshell:

"This city is so incredibly ugly, desolate, grey and meaningless. Actually a new word should be invented for it."
- Andreas Ernst

Definitely worth another tristesse post on our little beloved blog.


mahret said...

ach je, arme lynn. so in etwa habe ich es mir aber auch vorgestellt. Da ist Frankfurt echt nichts gegen!

JuniJuli said...

toller spruch...=)er scheint zur stadt zu passen..

alles liebe

him said...

hilariously poignant

Bifurkation said...

But the factories in the top picture are just wonderfully beautiful! Sweden is nothing compared to Germany when it comes to industrial architecture! Look at the brewery in Dortmund or the Wuppertal railway for other examples.

vanessa said...

ach was, sag bloß es gibt im world wide web doch noch gleichgesinnte leute die tagtäglich dasselbe elend ertragen müssen?