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Artworks Ricardo Fumanal

Diane kindly introduced us to the work of Ricardo Fumanal. It was his Yves Saint Laurent drawing that attracted my attention. And then I discovered a more sexual/sensitive facet of his filigree cosmos which I don't want to hold back from you.

P.S.: Ricardo is a hottie himself.


Rabenschwarz said...

this artist is a god with a pen.

minimalist said...

love his work

fakefur/ous said...

it's funny how you can id the models in his work (like Daria, Natasha, Sean O or Angela L) and even the exact editorials (as Doutzen's spread for W). otherwise it's totally amazing.

MR style said...

i got an interview of Diane Pernet !!!!

narcissus gazed... said...

...so, so stunning! xp