Platform Shoes

Photo Bruce Weber

I know they are ugly but I think some people should start wearing them again. So we can gossip and argue if it's hot or not. Well, maybe not combined with ripped shorts and tennis socks. Or maybe yes? What about bootcoot jeans with corduroy patches, haha!


Simon said...

Good one.. love buffalos! I think they´re already back, just not as big as in the 90´s..

marsupialia said...

'sexy' guys

tom+ said...

sexy jajja

Susannah Torarpsbacke said...

Not on those bodies. Skinny, small types, like Prince, can wear them!

Susannah Torarpsbacke said...

The more I lay my eyes on this picture, the more ugly it gets. I mean, the muscles? The fucking shoes? The short shorts?