Dirty Desires

Rozalb de Mura Fall/Winter 2009

I do love Rozalb de Mura and I always will. First of all the nonchalant attitude, the subtle detailing, the deformed shapes. Nice colour palette, a striking presentation and most important: an adorable all-in-one. I'm hooked.

Image credits Catwalking


Inspire the Starling said...

I was at this show, and the details were excellent. Whats with the ropes on the models' heads though? The models weren't too keen on them either, with a couple taking them off and throwing them down the catwalk on the final run!!

Anonymous said...

i like the styling and the clothes. in fact, i find them amazing.
it must have been something rehearsed, the part with the models.
and the casting is wow; jethro, ash, daniel.
well done

miky said...

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