If I

"Hungry for life
And thirsty for the distant river
Like the scar of age
Written all over my face
The war is still raging inside of me
I still feel the chill
As I reveal my shame to you
I wear it like a tattoo"


Lea said...

Du Sau, mach das Weg. Du sollst hier doch keine Inspiration zu diesem Zeug geben! ;-)

L to the Aura said...

uhaaa wunderschön.
wenn ich rockstar bin, will ich meinen anker aufn unterarm ;)

KATLIN said...

This is so weird because I've been drawing a little triangle on the inside of my wrist for the past couple of weeks. Thinking about getting it tattooed in lavender.

zhori said...

lurvvv it! pointing up or pointing down?

real said...

oh. i love sade!

heleen db said...

Really like the scarification, so neat.

George said...