Vertical Limit

Photo Ferran Casanova
Model Max Sokolov

A stripe is a long, straight region of a single colour. And a striptease is a form of erotic entertainment, usually a dance, in which the performer, known as a stripper, gradually undresses, in a teasing and sexually suggestive manner. Good to know, hu?


camilo said...

I dont understand german, enlight me,
so einer bist du,,,, HU?

milo said...

haha, NO horst im not one of those! are you?

teenage kitten said...

ah. me likey.

milo said...

well..., I could change my mind!

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

TRUE style it is! i love crack attack!

Rene Schaller said...

one of my new colleagues gave me a nice distinctive feature for art and sex books - shiny and wet is sex, the rest is art. good to know for the future, right?!

frohe ostern!