Construction Site

Lamp Bruka Design
Dress Acne
Glasses Prada
Shoes Whyred
Dog Muji

Remodelling at its best: A gift for my mother ended up being a gift for myself. Size large for the extra small. Well, at least for one day. So mummy, treat it nicely!


micha said...

wow, you are beautiful :)

milostyle.se said...

Horst> Yes maybe naked day 7!

Lynn> You sexy skank, I always new you were lovely!

La fille said...

You are so gorgeous my dear girlfriend..

haylin said...

yeah agree, you looks very beautiful;)

ps: really really happy and grateful that you had attentive to my blog,
you are so so so kind and sweet<3

spin said...

très joli

Frauenzimmer said...

i forgot to write that we love horst AND lynn. ♥

Anonymous said...


norman said...

yes, i agreee, she is gorgeous