Man I Feel Like A Woman

Chanel Advertising Campaign June 1998

Nowadays Chanel might appear ultra feminine. Little costumes, white blouses, Claudia Schiffer, frills and pearls. At the same time, Coco was a revolutionary, introducing pants to the ladie's wardrobe and dressing women for success.


Michael Oats said...


Richard Kilroy said...

i'm about to do a dissertation on transgender portrayal within pop culture, and needed examples of androgyny in fashion, obviously there's examples EVERYWHERE but these are absolutely perfect!!

Frauenzimmer said...

@richard - you will find material in heaps, fashion wonderland is full of transgenderchic.

horst - this is like the perfect frauenzimmer post. beautiful, i adore the first pic.

Fabulastic said...

That is Stella Tennant is it not?

and where is she now?