Bomber jacket Vintage
T-Shirt H&M
Jeans Cheap Monday
Socks Woolworth
Shoes Vintage

The unintentional outcome when you travel with limited clothes and the only pair left is white tennis socks. Who's gonna join me for a romantic moonwalk now?


pipo! said...

the hair is still flawless
and the jacket is cuuuute

underneath said...

All hail Michael Jackson! You look great to by the way!

Siska said...

ich liebe diese schuhe. stil pur!

modedorf said...

love the look!

Fashion Gossips said...

Nice blog!


A Treasury of said...

You always seem so pink.

dudblankpathetic said...

my guilty adoration.

Fabulastic said...

I will not join you in this one. white tennis socks with black shoes it is the utmost of bad taste.

But for the rest I will join you any time. :)