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Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 2004

Just discovered. Helmut Lang's collection for SS04 was not only superb, it also contained a button-studded waistcoat. Besides cut-out tank tops and metal tip boots. Now little Horsti is even more convinced of his new waistcoat.

Image credits Catwalking


tuomas said...

dearest horsti,

they were beer bottle caps, not buttons


Lynn and Horst said...

but it looks like buttons, that's what counts! i need reasons to believe in my ugly new waistcoat!!!

underneath said...

Fashion nowadays is all about what Helmut Lang achieved during the nineties and 2000... I love your vest though.

Kyle said...

That collection is what turned me on to fashion.

Blank Label said...

these tops are terrible. hate seeing men's nipples. the absence of fabric over the nipple just seems trashy. more trashy than mesh shirts *cringe*

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

golden days

numerocuatro said...

such an iconic designer/
on the top of my list.

A Norwegian said...

Funny, I was just thinking about this collection.


A Norwegian said...

Kyle: this collection turned me into fashion too!