Forgotten Matter II

or Things I Never Wear

Hat Model's Own
Coat Acne Jeans
Shirt COS
Trousers Acne Jeans
Gloves Vintage
Shoes Second Hand

Another chapter in the history-making series Forgotten Matter. Except the hat, I hardly ever wear these garments. A mistake as it seems. The coat is too long, the trousers too tight, the shoes too white. But once put together, I feel extremely well dressed. It's a mystery.


Alexxander said...

amazing conbination! and amazing hair and blog! hahaha


- Alexxander.

Snappy said...

It is quite something how putting it all together just seems right, when each piece apart just doesn't make sense. Great look!

Kat said...

weiße schuhe sind einfach unschlagbar!

Style Scanner said...

The gloves lend a nice sinister tone!

Dahlia said...

Thanks for finding out about my website! I'm curious... how did you come upon it? (threads and knives) :)

Alexxander said...

no! why? :S

the pony said...

horst, that shirt! beauty!

V. said...

u do look intensely sharp. echter burner! wirklich!