MTWTFSS Fall/Winter 2009

We survived Monday. We accomplished Tuesday. We will master Wednesday and Thursday. As every week. But on a certain cold and foggy morning of Friday something will be different. Because a tiny little part of Germany will become Scandinavian.

Friday 6th November
Weekday Store Opening
Mönckerbergstrasse 22



The Fake Sartorialist said...

I always knew that knee-sweat-bands would become a major fashion accessory some day.
Should have patented them...

jessie said...

jessie couldnt be happier. kommste zur eröffnung?

jessie said...

hoppla, gar nicht zu erkennen gegeben!

Lynn and Horst said...

i wish i could, but i am there in my mind. plus: finally the good things are only a train ride away

Michael Oats said...

After all this time without uploading new pictures, today I finally decided to show the last ones I took.

I hope you like it.

PS: How are you?
I thought about you the other day. Hope you are right. xxxx.


mahret said...

Baby, die Eröffnung ist heute abend. Entgegen meiner Planungen werde ich nicht dort sein :( Liege mit einer dicken Grippe im Bett *kotz*

Gegenstück said...

die Bilder sind cool
und regen an, vor allem die Knie-Schweiß-Bänder

V. said...

ein Grund mehr meine Freundin in Hamburg zu besuchen wenn ich erstmal wieder aus Tokyo zurück bin. HH ich komme!