Le 24 Dimanche

4 days. Countless shows. With a little bit of melancholy I am looking back on endless love for Romain Kremer. Sheer longjohns and bed feathers at Zimmerli. A spectacular location at Wooyoungmi. Formal geometry at Songzio. Pear necklaces at Qasimi. And hippie movements at Paul Smith. Au revoir Paris.


dbp said...

so happy Horst made it to Paris. it wouldn't be enough drama and burlesque without him.
as for Paul's picture in fishnet tank top i totally thought for mr Horst when posting it. so you can consider it as my tribute. or a love note. whatever you fancy more.

lucas said...

Gone too soon.

ZY(Zakuro Yugo) said...

At Romain Kremer's show in Paris, i was surprised and fascinated with Dragonfly sunglasses.
And also his expression, "Why hide a six pack, even in winter?".

Zimmerli's show seems interesting.

Nice diary pictures for fashion shows.