Valentino Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2010

Just a few hours ago I confessed that I don't have mental access to the concept of Haute Couture. This being said, everything turned around when I saw Valentino. It is nothing but brilliant. And this should be the benchmark for all HC collections.

Image credits Catwalking


dandy gum said...

yes Horst, a few times..i saw you, you saw me too :)

dandy gum said...

yes next time ! in june

Lara Natascha said...


Ariana said...

These clothes look fantastic - I wonder how they found their way with bounded eyes ;-)

Anonymous said...

Im glad you loved this collection too!
I know there are a lot of people saying how unValentino this collection was, and I didnt see the point of the comment, its a new time for couture

Lynn and Horst said...

In the end, it doesn't matter if it's actually designed by or intended to be an homage to the master himself. In contrary to many other HC collections, the design team managed to tell a cohesive story and make a consequent staytement. I love the mysticism as in my aesthetrical cosmos it refers to blindfolded figures of ancient greek mythology paired with the unsatiable lust for hedonism in fashion.