Secret Admirer

Portrait Proenza Schouler

This is a love letter. To Lazaro and Jack. To Mister Hernandez and McCollough. I am charmed by your appearance, your hidden persuasion. I can't restrain abandoning myself to this pathetic feeling.

Image credits Pitti Immagine


dbp said...

leave it to Horst to bring some sensuality into mundane.

milo said...

They are hot together, totally understand you feelings.

sv> well I dont know Horsti, I just don't Know., but boy would it be fun to be sleepsless together.
Have a nice day dear H*

numerocuatro said...

I absolutely agree.
They're both beautiful and talented.


Inspire the Starling said...

Here here...

F. said...


A french tv report about Proenza Schouler.
Hope you will enjoy it !