Arithmetic Shift

Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2010

Boring. Refreshingly boring. Marc Jacobs and his interpretation of minimalsim. Grey uniforms of demureness. The decadence gives way to virginity. Even the most glamourous looks appear toned down.

Image credits Catwalking


Anonymous said...

lynnandhorst.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.

dbp said...

i love the sight of injured knee on the first girl, Tati. made me think of entropy and destruction taking place in the head of these creatures, stuck in the boring layers of grey hues of mundane life.

lefistnoir said...

Yeah, it was a great collection. Clever man. What I always love about Jacobs, irrespective of whether or not I like the show, is he does everything with such conviction. Deceptively frumpy but just incredible, well made, desirable clothes. There's this whole late nineties vibe going on and I guess he was the Godfather of that period.