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Gaspard Yurkievich Fall/Winter 2010

I think I need a backpack. Preferably Gaspard Yurkievich for Eastpak. A collection that also intrigued with colour blocking, reversed trousers and graphic jackets. A rucksack just goes incredibly well with a nice sharp suit. Don't you agree?


goodbyestockholm said...

Big yes to back packs! I seem never get enough of them. Am always on a look out when go second hand shopping!

Aron said...

You just can't go wrong with a rucksack

bastian said...

I don't really see myself wearing a back pack. But i do like the set of colores here: gray, gray, still another shade of gray (ok, one might also refer to this one as black) and then some tan leather from shoulder pads adding color to it all. Love it!