Horst Meier vs. Wassily Kandinsky

T-Shirt Levi's Red
Shorts Acne Jeans
Reversed bomber jacket Second Hand
Knife IKEA
Stool Vitra

May I introduce to you a new Lynn & Horst series. Dispiteously facing world renowned examples of art history. The aesthetic discourse documented and re-interpreted with photo booth. This time: The highly discussed Wassily Kandinsky, equally associated with appreciation and disgust.

P.S.: If you would like Horst to challenge an artwork, submit your proposal here and now.


Vera Wilhelmina said...

What great idea. The translation is very well done.

dust said...

i like the replica more than original

Snappy said...

I love how art can be seen in so many ways. Art is fashion!
snappy x

Mary said...

i like - please continue

blica said...