Alpha Male

D&G Spring/Summer 2008
Spring/Summer 2007 & Spring/Summer 2010
Spring/Summer 2003 & Spring/Summer 2007

There it is again: My surrender to D&G. Hidden in a dark corner of my mind. Barbie Fashion for men. Ken Fashion so to speak. Maybe we all want to be a bit of Ken? Except one particular detail of his anatomy.

Image credits Catwalking


John said...

hi andrea, I envy your blog so much! hope i can interview or learn something off you.

johnny, xx


Lynn and Horst said...

well thank you, but there is nothing to envy, you do a great job, too!

Schweigsame said...

Nothing wrong with occasionally giving in to our "Inner Ken." As long as we give at least equal time to honoring that portion of our anatomy that makes us More Than Ken.