Ball Games II

To fight my German beer belly I will start going to the gym. To work out and watch other people working out. Only one question remains: What to wear?


Ingrid said...

Wear what the guy to the left is wearing. It will be successful!

Schweigsame said...

Who will open a gym like the ancient Greeks had, where men worked out nude? Why is this no longer the case? Surely it is the ONLY good way to work out.

Lynn and Horst said...

I couldn't agree more!

Schweigsame said...

I am really amazed that in cities with so many gay and bi men--NYC, SF, Berlin, Munich, etc.--notone has opened a naturist gym. It could be a private club, and therefore legal, and as a private club it could be restricted to men.

Astonishing that such a creative, body conscious group as gay men has not done this.