Emergency Room

Prada Spring/Summer 2011

Ill-fitting shirts reminiscent of scrubs, oversized and flat. Neon coloured sunglasses worn around the neck instead of a stethoscope. Miuccia's man is a cosmetic surgeon. And I'd like my chin and cheekbones done.

Image credits Catwalking


The Fake Sartorialist said...

By far the best show so far coming out of Milan.
Every single piece was concidered down to laser precision. I can't say that much for most of the others.

dudblankpathetic said...

God lost my address.

i mean, who knew this collection would be totally jaw-dropping beautiful and amazing and stuff?

numerocuatro said...

amazing show.
great new proportions.

underneath said...

I ottally L_O_V_E how those shades are back!