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Photos Asaf Einy

I am craving water melon.


Schweigsame said...


No wonder Europeans are (often) so strange! This is NOT the proper way to eat watermellon.

Watermelon is cut lengthwise (into two pieces), and each of these is cut--lengthwise--into 3 or 4 pieces. Depending. To eat the watermellon, one sits--barefoot--on the back porch, and begins eating at in the middle of the large slice. This ensures one becomes covered with the juice of the watermellon (which is why one one never wears a shirt while eating watermello). In fact, one properly only wears a pair of old boxer shorts that allows everything to hangout, to the delight of one's guests.) As one eats down on the watermellon, one, of course, encounters the seeds. The proper way to dispose of the seeds is not to flick them off of the flesh of the mellon onto the ground, but to spit them at the hound dogs sprawled in the backyard, most probably in the shade of the pecan tree. This somewhat annoyed the dogs, but since it is probably too hot for them to do more than growl a bit, I wouldn't worry about it.

When one has consumed all the watermellon one wishes, one is, of course, dripping with its sticky juice. So one only has to tug off one's boxer shorts and jump bare-ass into the pool. With one's guests, of course.

Any other method of eating watermellon is a travesty. I would be delighted to give this young man a personal lesson.

Lynn and Horst said...

Aww and its not me in the picture...